It’s been a few months since we last heard from Brycen Newman, the high school Sophomore suffering from brain cancer.

A little background: Our last video was picked up by People Magazine’s online edition, which, as you can imagine, is followed by hundreds of thousands of people. Somewhere along the lines, the people of the Make-a-Wish foundation saw the video and reached out about granting Brycen a wish.

That’s where we pick this story up!

When we first heard Brycen’s wish we must admit we were a bit puzzled as to why exactly he wanted it. So many wishes I’ve heard of are meeting a famous athlete, taking a trip to some place they’ve always wanted to go, but Brycen’s wish had a longer impact.

Brycen’s wish was for a ’66 Mustang. Realize that Brycen doesn’t even have his driver’s license yet, so why does he want a car? Well, that’s the one that will pull at the heart strings.

Brycen has spent many days at Rady Children’s Hospital, being surrounded by kids with similar cancers. He wants this Mustang so he can go back and drive kids around to life their spirits up!

This kid is remarkable!

As any car person would know, finding and refurbishing a 66′ Mustang isn’t an easy task. This is the story of the team behind it, led by Ed Hanson. All of these members donating time and money in order to make this wish come true!