(AM 760 KFMB) — The FBI has had a rough couple of weeks. From missing the warning signs regarding the Florida shooter to not having four of their officers enter Stoneman Douglas High School during the shooting, the FBI has been struggling.

But don’t worry.

For the past two years, the FBI has been focused on more serious issues. Spending years, money and effort focusing on college basketball!

Last September, four assistant coaches were charged with federal bribery and fraud charges. The coaches supposedly accepted payments in return for influencing players decisions to sign with specific schools and apparel companies.

On Friday, Yahoo issued released a report of documents and bank records obtained over years of FBI investigations. 

Several college basketball player's names were on a document with a list of loans allegedly paid out to them. One of those names was San Diego State’s Malik Pope, who may have accepted a $1,400 loan in 2015.

On Saturday, ESPN issued a report that Arizona Wildcats basketball coach, Sean Miller would not be on the sidelines after FBI wiretaps intercepted a conversation where Milller discussed a $100,000 payment to Deandre Ayton a current Wildcats player.

Why is the FBI involved in college basketball?

Ever since four of the college coaches were arrested, I’ve never understood why? Is it a NCAA violation? Possibly? Are college sports corrupt? Sure. Should the FBI be involved? Hell no!

The FBI missed the Boston Bomber after repeated warning signs. The FBI missed the Florida shooter after his adopted parents called the FBI, after classmates warned the community about him.

The FBI talks about needing more resources, maybe if they spent a little less time worrying about college athletes being paid and a little more about school shootings, the tragedy in Florida may never have happened.