The state of Connecticut, 3.5 million people 5,500 square miles. The county of San Diego, 3.2 million people, 4,500 square miles. So pretty close in size, population and actual size. Here's the thing, Connecticut has 238,000 concealed carry permit holders. San Diego county, 2,000. What gives?

Well, the sheriffs who refuse to issue concealed carry permits. Why do they refuse? Who's fault is that? 

It's the fault of our state attorney general, our governor, and our President who don't believe that you have a right to protect your family, to go into Congress and pass laws that ignore the Constitution.

Here's the story: Edward Peruta wanted a concealed carry permit, and the San Diego sheriff, Bill Gore said, Why should I give you one?

Now in reality land, the proper answer is, Because I'm an American and I want one, but Ed was nicer than that. He said, Listen I'm a videographer, a freelance guy who goes out to crime scene and sometimes I'm there before the police are. Also, I live mostly in an RV and sometimes I'm far outside of cell coverage area, so 911 is not an option for me.

The sheriff's office denied Ed his concealed carry permit. So Ed sued and the case went all the way up to the Ninth Circuit.

Now here's the deal, there's open carry and concealed carry. In California, it's illegal to open carry, so all we have left is the potential to conceal carry. But sheriffs across the state have made it almost impossible for you to get permission to conceal carry.

They say you need "good cause." But again, "good cause" to me is that I want one. That's a good enough cause. To them, good cause is having already have been a victim of a crime and then they'll give you your permit.

Here's why that's wrong in America:

The assumption is that you have a right to carry a weapon and the onus is on the government to make the argument why you shouldn't be allowed to carry a weapon. Are you a felon? Are you 12 years old?

But the government flipped that reasoning on its head. Now the starting point is no one can have a concealed carry permit, and you have to go to the bureaucrats and beg and plead your case why they should let you carry a gun!

That's not how it works! Freedom of speech, it's dangerous. Words are dangerous, but we let everybody use them. Imagine if no one had a right to freedom of speech, but you could go to a government department and prove to them why you should be allowed to speak, and then they'll decide if you have good cause.

Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals just ruled that you don't have a right to conceal carry. So if you live in California, you're about out of luck with this whole Second Amendment thing. I'll end here with, and I could go on forever with this obviously. 238,000 concealed carry permit holders in Connecticut.

Is Connecticut just going crazy? Are random people accidentally firing their weapons? Are concealed carry holders murdering people uncontrollably? Is there an epidemic of gun crimes in Connecticut? Well, maybe, but not by permit holders, I'll guarantee you that. So why is our sheriff so scared of us? Don't let them take away your Second Amendment rights.

Without that right we have no other rights. We talked a lot more about this on our radio show on, check us out there!