Hey Slater Crusaders, we're gonna make a bunch of videos here about what happened in Orlando. 

First,  I  want to start off with my message to the gay community in light of what happened in Orlando: Islamic terrorists want to kill you, all of you. They want to kill me too, but they also want to kill you. Let me prove it. 

The Reliance of the Traveler is a book that was written in the 14th century. This is the text approved by the highest Sunni thought leaders. And in it, it says, "The prophet, Allah bless him and give him peace. Kill the one who sodomizes and the one who lets it be done to him."

There's more in there, but you get the idea. And this isn't a minor group. This isn't just a handful of people. In Afghanistan, 99% of Muslims believe in sharia law. Pakistan, 84%, Iraq, 91%, even in African countries, 74% in Egypt, Nigeria 71%, Niger 86%, these are vast majorities of Muslims in these countries that believe in sharia law. These numbers are from the largest study ever done on this, a pew research study done in 2013. 

Now, what does sharia law tell its followers to do to homosexuals? It says to throw them off buildings, behead them, hang them. It even says to bury them waist deep and push a brick wall on top of them, and if they don't die, they behead them after that. 

Someone pointed out to me that there's a lot of intolerance right here in America too. Okay, this is important. On the Intolerance Scale, one being no big deal, ten being a horrible thing. If someone sees a gay couple kissing in America and that person says get a room and maybe throws a slur at the end of that. We'll put that on the three. On the Intolerance Scale, maybe a four. In Saudi Arabia, if you're gay, they cut your head off. That is a ten! 

So let's focus on the big picture for a minute, on those people who want to kill all of us, and then we can get back to the specks in our eye. Now, on the Tolerance Scale, Christians are seen as the least tolerant of all and the most bigoted. But Christians are taught to hate the sin love the sinner. Doesn't that seems like the definition of tolerance?  Especially when Muhammad says kill all of the homosexuals.