(AM 760 KFMB) —Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia is a Democrat who represents the 58th District in California. She's been in power since 2012, becoming the chairwoman for both the California Legislative Women's Caucus and the Natural Resources Committee of Misconduct.

Assemblywoman Garcia has been extremely vocal in the past months during the #MeToo movement, speaking out against men in the workplace who have sexually harassed women.

Well, how is this for some hypocrisy? Garcia now has numerous allegations of sexual harassment from former employees.

David John Kernick, a former field representative for Cristina Garcia, is one of several people who has now come forward with new allegations that Garcia sexually harassed him while he was working for her. Kernick said that Garcia came up to him at a fundraiser in 2014 and suggested they play "Spin the Bottle" in her hotel room.

Kernick was then written up for insubordination after he questioned the appropriateness of Garcia's suggestion and was fired two days later.

Another staffer, Daniel Fierro, said that Garcia approached him after an Assembly softball game in 2014, squeezed his butt and tried to grab his crotch. He said Garcia was visibly intoxicated.

This is all from a woman who told her #MeToo story to the New York Times saying, "Multiple people have grabbed my butt and grabbed my breasts. We’re talking about senior lobbyists and lawmakers.”

She’s the chairwomen for the Natural Resources Committee of Misconduct.

This won't get the mainstream coverage and Time Magazine won't issue an apology, but the same standards should be held.

If this was a man, he would be asked to resign, the same standards should be held for Assemblywomen Garcia.