Introducing the newest American citizen, Albert! 

Mike Slater had the pleasure of making Albert's acquaintance at a Ted Cruz rally a few months back, where he found out that Albert was going through the process to become an American citizen. Mike asked Albert to call into the show after he took his final citizenship.

"I've heard the national anthem so many times but for the first time, I identified with it. Going through the lines and understanding that you're part of it now, it was just amazing. It's a blessing to be here and finally be called an American citizen." 

Albert has been in the states for twenty years on various work visas, and he began his journey to citizenship last October. Joined by his wife, daughter, and over 600 newly minted American citizens, Albert proudly sung the words of The Star-Spangled Banner for his first time as an American citizen on Wednesday afternoon. 

What was the first thing that Albert did with his citizenship? He registered as a Republican, of course! Get ready to laugh and cry, Albert's full story is below!