Why does this keep happening? That’s the question everyone is asking.

Why would someone enter their former school in South Florida and kill 17 people?

Is it accessibility to guns? The thing is, it used to be easier to buy guns. You could walk into a Walmart, or your local sporting good store. High schools all across the country have shooting teams, where kids bring rifles to school every day.

Guns! That’s an easy argument, but it’s not what’s at the root of the problem.

The rise of school shootings, and mass shootings for that matter, is simple, it’s a lack of a mom or dad being present in a young boy's life.

When there is not a parent present in the home, the likelihood of something like this happening greatly increases. Now, I’m not saying every time - because there are people out there who didn’t have parents and have grown up fine. They may have had a role model, a mentor, someone to guide them through life, but when you’re blown through the wind, without a guide, problems can occur.

Most of the shooters are teenagers when they shoot up a school, because they’re at a time when they’re craving someone, or something, to take their attention. It’s one of the most difficult points in their life, but usually a parent or role model is not there.

Of the 95 mass shootings (4 or more killed) that have taken place between 1982 and November 2017, 93 of them have been committed by a male. Why is that?

My guess, Nikolas Cruz's parents weren’t engaged in his life. They may have been around, but they weren’t present. If you look at Cruz’s Instagram, it’s filled with disturbing images. Pictures of animals bodies mutilated, numerous photos flipping off the camera and vulgar language laced throughout. Any parent that was active in their child’s life would have known. They could have stopped 17 people from dying. 

The Columbine shooters lacked a role model, someone to help them. Former classmates of Cruz said they weren’t shocked at all they he did this. That he to was someone that stuck to himself. 

This was easily preventable. It just took someone, anyone, to be active in Nikolas Cruz’s life.

We are not raising men. As a society, we are failing. Being a dad or mom takes a lot of work, it takes a lot of effort and is REALLY hard, but it’s what’s necessary in order to raise good kids.