Under normal circumstances, Brycen Newman would be thinking about his upcoming JV football game for Cathedral Catholic High School, or maybe who he was going to ask to the homecoming dance. Things, however, aren’t normal for Brycen.

Brycen has been diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer. So far, he’s spent over 20 hours in the hospital trying to remove tumors and hoping that there aren’t anymore growing.

Brycen is known for being a star athlete at Cathedral, but since his diagnosis he hasn’t been able to participate in any sports. His teammates, knowing how much sports mean to him, gave him a call and wanted him to be their honorary captain for the upcoming homecoming game.

As his teammates went through their final pre-game preparations, something unusual happened: all of Brycen’s teammates kept their helmets on and nobody said a word.

Brycen is currently going through rounds of chemotherapy, which leaves him feeling weak and wiped out, and has also caused him to lose most of his hair. So, as he walked down the sidelines, propped up by his dad, teammates and coaches came over to see their friend.

Then, two of Brycen’s teammates came over, held his hands and walked him to the middle of the field for the coin toss. Right before their final prayer, his teammates had a little surprise for him: They had each shaved off all of their hair to honor their teammate.

Faith in humanity has officially been restored! Check out Brycen’s story below, and stay tuned for updates on Brycen, his progress, and the Dons of Cathedral Catholic High School!