When Bob Filner left office, the thought was generally, that nobody could be worse. Kevin Faulconer replaced the disgraced mayor and has led the city of San Diego for two years. 

Ed Harris says, “Better than Filner isn’t good enough.” Harris, a former marine, is hoping to gain enough support to not allow Faulconer to get to a 50% majority. Here’s a little more about Ed Harris:

After serving his country in the United States Marine Corps, Ed Harris became a City of San Diego Lifeguard in 1989, and in that capacity he has protected San Diego’s coastline for the past 25 years.

He is currently a Lifeguard Sergeant at the Boating Safety Unit on Mission Bay and a dive team supervisor answering high profile emergency calls.

Mr. Harris is a strong advocate for clean water and for renewable energy. He also looks forward to restoring quality City services, protecting our neighborhoods and coastlines, while supporting a livable minimum wage and job growth here in San Diego.

Ed Harris joined The Mike Slater Show to discuss the upcoming national and local elections, and what Mr. Harris hopes to accomplish if given the opportunity to be the mayor of America’s Finest City.

More information about Ed Harris and what his campaign stands for can be found right here. Listen below and get caught up on the conversation!

Interview with Ed Harris http://ftpcontent.worldnow.com/kfmbam/podcast/audioimport/2016/05/Ed-Harris-.mp3