Presidential Hopeful Donald Trump held a book signing in New York City on Thursday night, and AM-760 KFMB’s Mike Slater had a chance to spend some time with the controversial candidate.

Slater said it was intimidating at first to interview the Republican front-runner, but his conversation with him stretched 90-minutes.

The signing took place in at Trump Tower. Those who purchased a copy of Trump’s new book “Crippled America” online were given an access code to watch Trump sign the book while being interviewed by Slater.

“It’s the craziest interview I’ve ever done,” said Trump.

The conversation stretched a range of topics including gun control and taxes.

“Every country is ripping us [off] and we are going to bring back these jobs. When these students get out of college, they are going to pay off their degree and do great,” said Trump.

Slater said Trump used the 90-minute webcast to speak to his base.

“Under my code, we are cutting taxes for the middle class, middle income people. We are cutting taxes for businesses and small businesses down to 15-percent,” the Republican front-runner.

Trump and Slater also discussed the recent mass shootings, including the Paris terror attacks.

“He knows who he’s talking to and why they want to hear. He thinks it’s what’s best. Someone who is a die hard Hillary fan or progressive, he’s not trying to convert because he knows his market,” said Slater.

During their talk, Trump encouraged authorities to look at Mosques.

“They want to be so politically correct, but here’s another case where it’s Islamic terrorism. You have to be vigilant. There’s something wrong,” said Trump.

Slater took his one-on-one time with Trump to pitch San Diego as a site for a future Trump rally given the proximity to the border and Trump’s immigration stance.

“I think he could have a positive conversation in San Diego. I think he may do it,” said Slater.

Slater said he would be happy to do similar interviews with any other presidential candidate.

More of Slater’s interview with Trump will air Friday on AM-760 at 10 a.m.