Russ Park from the Salt & Light Council joined Miles Himmel to talk about an event happening this weekend at Foothills Christian Church

This coming Sunday, Foothills Christian Church in El Cajon will be hosting author of 'The Reality Alert' and Fox News commentator Craig Huey. He will be speaking about the upcoming midterm elections on June 5th, offering guidance for how to best interpret current issues and candidates while keeping your Christian values in mind. 

If you come from a religious background but aren't sure how your beliefs should affect how you choose the names on your ballot, join Craig this coming Sunday as he explains not only how you can apply what you believe and value, but why you should. 

This country was founded by people who had a Christian world view, and they intended for it to be run with that worldview in mind. If you have a Biblical worldview, we ought to have a voice in how our country is run, how our cities are run, and what kind of propositions are on the ballot. 

Listen to the interview above for more information about the event.