The polls are looking bad. They're going down for Donald Trump! Panic is setting in! How bad are they going to get?!

Stop panicking. I had to put my official pollster jacket on for this! Well, it's not really an official pollster jacket, it's more like a I'm Gonna Get You To Understand The Polls jacket. So don't panic about the polls.

I'm going to explain to you what's going on, and it's really easy to understand. Are you with me? Here we go.

Number one, we're 90-ish days out from the election. The stuff that's going to affect the election hasn't even happened yet. In fact, the stuff that's going to affect the stuff, that's going to affect the election hasn't even happened yet! I mean, Donald Trump can't even agree on a schedule or a series of topics for a debate.

There may be no presidential debate! It might be Hillary and Johnson, it might be Hillary, Stein, and Johnson, it might be Hillary, Johnson and the CIA guy, or it may be somebody else they throw at the race! 

We do not know, but we do know this: this is a change election. You hear all the experts on television say it all the time. What does that mean? Great question. It means that change is coming. But here's a dirty little secret. Every election is basically a changed election.

It also means that something different is going to motivate the electorate every single time they go out to vote. It might be a war, it might be the war on terror, or it might be the economy. It also might be some profound cultural change that sort of happening in the wake of the assassination of a President and then a major Presidential candidate.

I'm talking about the 1960's there. But by any measure, there are any number of things are going to affect the election.

Here's the thing to keep in mind: 90 days out, and most of the people who are going to make up their minds? Well, they're watching Phelps swim in Rio or they're watching Real Housewives of Jersey City, or maybe they're even just on vacation. People are checked out until Labor Day. They are, really! Come Labor Day, people will start paying attention. Then it's going to matter.

Imagine this, we're about to give or take 11 or 12 weeks before Election Day, let's just say 13. So we're practically an NFL season away! Think about this from the Chargers perspective:

When your playing ball in September, you don't know how you're going to be playing in December.

Wait a minute, that's a bad choice. Let me rephrase this. Think about it from a perspective of a football team! They're going to play in September but they're going to have injuries, failed drug test, and  the like. Really, any number of things, including trades.

They're going to lose players, players will go on IR, or they're going to get caught doing something in hotel in Hackensack, New Jersey that they should not have gotten caught doing! 

But the reality is, all of these things are going to be affected when it comes to the football field. It's the same thing with political polls, it's just a big game.

The commentators have a vested interest in keeping you watching every single day. That's why sometimes the polls are gonna go up, and a lot of time the polls are gonna go down. The reality is, you have to keep it right in the middle.

I'll keep you calm, I'll give you knowledge, I'm Brett Winterble and I approve of this message.