The FBI director James Comey Tuesday announced that although Hillary Clinton has been "extremely careless" with classified emails, she will not face any criminal charges. 

Everyone listening right now knows that if it were them, they would be prosecuted, they would lose their jobs, and they would probably, quite frankly, lose their homes. That's what happens when you do a fraction of what happened here.

In light of this dramatic conclusion, Mike Slater sought the input of Congressman Darrell Issa. Congressman Issa served as Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee for four years and he's been heavily involved in the Clinton email scandal.

You have to assume that she's the dumbest person ever to graduate and get a law degree, or you have to assume that she did it with malice and forethought, which she did. 

Should the FBI have suggested that charges be brought on Hillary Clinton? Is there any potential for a perjury charge for lying under oath? Why do you think that James Comey, in the end, came to the conclusion to not press charges? Listen to their full conversation below!