The tension is building up between the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 135 and grocery stores, including Albertsons, Ralphs, and Vons. The contention is due to lack of appropriate compensation for the workers employed by the union, as well as with the raise of the California state minimum wage by the year 2020. The stores are looking to cut costs and take products off shelves in order compensate for the rise in these wages, as well as work out a new contract for these employees.

AM 760's Brett Winterble talked with Ralphs spokeswoman Kendra Doyle, as well as the president of the UFCW Local 135, Mickey Kasparian. The perspectives from both sides contrast, to nobody's surprise, and it's unsure if a strike will happen and how long it could last.

Brett w) Kendra Doyle (Ralphs)

Brett w) Mickey Kasparian (President - UFCW Local 135)