Brett Winterble is off this week, spending some much needed time with family for Thanksgiving.

A little behind the scenes at a radio station. Normally, when a host is off, you get a fill in host to cover for them. Monday and Tuesday of this week, Kate Dalley will be joining the AM 760 family. Kate has an awesome show that's syndicated in parts of America and also hosts a show on The Blaze Radio Network.

Brett's show runs from 2-6pm.  Kate due to other show's obligations can only join us from 3-6pm, which leaves a one hour gap.

My dad and I had talked about doing a radio show one day. It would be a father-son, New vs. Old. type of show, where we would talk about the current events through a baby boomers perspective and a millennials. My dad went as far as to write lines for the show, intros and outros, which we were going to practice. Cancer eventually overcame my dad and we were never able to do our show.

Today and tomorrow, from 2-3pm, Eric Rubalcava (Mike Slater's director) and I will be filling the gap between The Mike Slater Show and Kate Dalley.

We've never hosted a radio show. To be honest, I never thought I would host one, but here we are. I hope you guys join us. I know there will be some amateur moments, but hopefully we can give a good point or two!  Either way, I'll know that I'm fulfilling a wish, my dad and I set out to do!

The Miles and Eric Show will be on from 2-3pm Monday and Tuesday.