You lead a very busy life. You can't do everything in 24 hours that you had planned. One of those plans was to listen to all 4 hours of The Brett Winterble Show. You probably find it a very daunting task to consume that much material all in one sitting.

Well, look no further than the "Winterble Roundup," where we corral the best of the best from the week that was here on AM 760.

Here's some of what you might have missed:

- Brett opines on a number of topics early in the week on why Donald Trump needs to stop whining and specifically name those in the media who he thinks are rigging the election, as well as how lazy journalists are in today's world, and why voting in the United States is extremely sacred.

- Brett had a lengthy discussion with a caller (Pete - East County) and how this caller wanted to change the electoral process in voting for President to a popular vote. 

- Kelsey Harkness is with The Daily Signal and she wrote a great piece on the NAACP's attempt to block the growth and progress of new charter schools because of its alleged negative impact on kids of color. Jim (La Mesa) opined with his 30+ years of experience in addition to this story.

- Spencer Kimball is from the Emerson College Polling Society. Among the new poll numbers he had prior to the third presidential debate, he laid out a scenario as to how both candidates are to fare amid scandals aplenty.

- On the heels of the final presidential debate from Las Vegas, Brett sums up what these debates have been all along, as well as the unique character of Donald Trump throughout the election.

- We received an anonymous call from a woman who told us about how she was forced to have a partial-birth abortion and how Hillary Clinton is misleading the public about partial-birth abortions. Additionally, Tim (Oceanside) provided an interesting perspective as to why he doesn't believe the woman completely has the right to choose whether to have an abortion or pregnancy.