You lead a very busy life. You can't do everything in 24 hours that you had planned. One of those plans was to listen to all 4 hours of The Brett Winterble Show. You probably find it a very daunting task to consume that much material all in one sitting.

Well, look no further than the "Winterble Roundup," where we corral the best of the best from the week that was here on AM 760.

Here's some of what you might have missed:

- The military claw-back attempt from the Defense Department as well as the Pentagon on members of the California National Guard. We had great listener reaction as well as from U.S. Representatives Duncan Hunter and Darrell Issa on the developments on what Congress tried to do to change such a law and/or suspend such an order.

- Miami Dolphins running back Arian Foster announced his retirement and that led to a great discussion about fantasy sports.

- Brett opines on his frustration with Governor Jerry Brown and his push to pass Proposition 57 and the releasing of criminals onto our streets. This includes his explanation on how the suspect in the deputy-involved shooting in Encinitas should've been locked up.

- Bill Clinton spoke at a rally for his wife, Hillary, in North Carolina, and he spoke about how building 3D solar panels will help with renewable energy and that made Brett lose it just a wee bit.

- The ridiculous sky-rocketing of Affordable Care Act premiums has many fit to be tied, including a senior research fellow at the Heritage Foundation - Ed Haislmeier - as well as Peter in La Costa. They broke it down on what's going to happen with the ACA disaster.

- Brett provides great analysis on why Hillary Clinton is missing the debates with Donald Trump.

- Debbie Schlussel tells a great story of a Rhode Island man who said women shouldn't be allowed to be seen in public wearing yoga pants.

- Brett opines more on the latest revelations on Hillary Clinton's email scandal, and how FBI Director James Comey has essentially concocted a remake of an Indiana Jones installment.