BUY IT NOW: Get the Exclusive Scout Security Bundle with Camera or the Scout Home Security Small Pack

  • WHAT IS THIS? Home security equipment bundles from Scout
  • WHO WOULD THIS BE PERFECT FOR? Homeowners, business owners, renters
  • WHY SHOULD YOU BUY THIS? You can never be too cautious when it comes to protecting your home. Scout’s security equipment will give you peace of mind and then some.

Your home holds the most valuable things in your life — including your family — so you should definitely protect it as much as possible. A security camera is a good start, but if you want a little more peace of mind, you need a full setup like Scout’s Exclusive Security Bundle or Home Security Small Pack.

With the Exclusive Scout Security Bundle, you’ll get a whole lot of bang for your buck. It’s flexible and customizable and gives you next-level protection for your home. The pack includes a Scout hub, door panel, motion sensor, two access sensors, two key fobs, an indoor security camera, and a yard sign

Basically, the Scout hub sends you notifications to your mobile device and sounds an alarm whenever its triggered through any of the sensors. The door panel arms your entryways with an RFID scanner, while the access sensors monitor anything that opens and closes (i.e. windows and doors). The motion sensor detects movement up to 25 feet away, day or night, and the camera, of course, keeps an extra set of eyes on your space with a 115-degree field of view.

You can pick up the entire bundle for just $399 on

Like the bundle, the Scout Home Security Small Pack provides a comprehensive solution to home security. It includes a Scout hub, which provides constant communication between you and your Scout devices, plus a door panel, motion sensor, two access sensors, two key fobs, an RFID sticker, and a yard sign.

It works the same way as the security bundle, minus the camera. All the devices work together to keep your home protected and when they’re triggered, the Scout hub will alert you through the mobile app and sound an alarm.

You can grab the Scout Home Security Small Pack for $299 on now.

Monitoring plans start at $9.99/month with optional 24/7 professional monitoring available for just $19.99/month.

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