BUY IT NOW: Save $35 off on the KOBRA Wireless Car Scanner

  • WHAT IS THIS? A wireless car scanner that diagnoses your car’s issues before they become serious
  • WHO WOULD THIS BE PERFECT FOR? Anyone who drives a car made after 1996
  • WHY SHOULD YOU BUY THIS? So you can learn more about your car and identify what’s wrong with it before it gets worse.

Just like you need a health checkup every now and then, your car needs routine maintenance to ensure it’s working properly. But bringing your car to the mechanic every other month can get expensive. The solution? This Wireless Car Scanner by KOBRA.

KOBRA helps you keep tabs on your car’s health by connecting to your car and reading the code. Just plug it into the OBD2 port of any vehicle made after 1996, connect your phone via the WiFi network, open one of the compatible apps, and this wireless scanner can interpret over 3,000 code definitions of generic and manufacturer-specific trouble codes.

Not only will you unlock massive amounts of data about your car, but you’ll also be able to diagnose any issues with its performance in real time. That way, you can take care of them before they become more serious. The KOBRA Wireless Car Scanner is compatible with a wide range of apps like DashCommand, OBD Auto Doctor, and Torque Pro, just to make it as easy as possible for you.

Worth $50, you can pick up the KOBRA Wireless Car Scanner now for just $15 at — 70 percent off the usual price.

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