SAN DIEGO — Someone in the San Diego area has a very valuable piece of paper worth $530-million. The winning ticket to Friday night’s Mega Millions drawing was sold at the Sorrento Deli-Mart in Sorrento Valley. But now the question is: what should the winner of such a jackpot do to protect their winnings?

“When you're not accustomed to having this money, you have to learn how to have it,” said Marc Gallo with Fides Wealth Strategies Group.

Gallo’s first tip to the mystery winner is to surround themselves with a team of trustworthy advisers.

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“I like to call it your fiduciary shield,” he said. “[You need] someone that will take your interest ahead of everybody else's.” 

Because, Gallo says, even millionaires need budgets.

“$200-million will produce a significant, $8-million in revenue, growing with inflation for 30 years with 90% probability of success,” he said. “You still have to be on a budget, but you can make certain you enjoy it.” 

It is expected the winner will fight for anonymity. California law requires the commission to release the winner's name, but the winner isn't obligated to do any other publicity like pose for the winner's gallery.

New Hampshire has a similar law, but one winner took that state's commission to court and won to keep her name private.

“Unfortunately, when you're in the forefront of media or anything else it draws attention,” said Gallo. “It puts a bullseye on your back for people to come and find you and say, ‘Remember that one time in grade school? We were good friends. Maybe you can invest in this business of mine.’”

While it may seem like common sense, it’s also important keep the ticket in a safe place while you're doing all the prep work.

"If you lose it, then you're a loser. You don't have it,” said lawyer Manfred Sternberg. “And you can't say ‘I won. I know that I won. My neighbor saw that I won.’ But you don't have the ticket."