SAN DIEGO — Residents and activists teamed up Thursday to protest a developer’s plan for a property in Barrio Logan. The group claims the owner wants to turn the property into a boutique hotel. However, the owner says he doesn't know what he's going to do with it.

The property is located in the 2000 block of Newton Avenue near a community center and other vital areas to the community.

Protesters were mostly opposed to an idea pitched at a community planning group meeting months ago. That plan would transform the building into an 80-room boutique hotel, which would require rezoning the property to a single resident occupancy.

Protesters say they want the owner to know they’re keeping an eye on whatever he plans on doing with the property.

“We’re letting everyone know that we’re going to be on top of every single thing that goes on there, not to use them as an example, but they must comply like everyone else and that’s the way we want to keep it,” one resident said.

In a statement to News 8, owner Douglas W. Hamm said the following about what happened at that meeting months ago:

“I clearly stated that I was there to hear their thoughts and take them into consideration and in doing so, would not be moving forward in any fashion with a hotel at the site. I conveyed that I have zero interest in trying to build a project in their neighborhood that the community is not supportive of, much less opposes. That was the end of it then and remains the case today.”

Hamm went on to say, “any future project would be in line with zoning, character and history of the community including taking into account their warranted concerns regarding parking."