SAN DIEGO — Feel like hearing some good news for a change? Here's a look back at a few stories from the week that will keep you informed and might even make you smile.

1. Same yellow pickup truck... same parking spot 25 years later in Julian

This week's News 8 Throwback caught the attention of the folks at Visit Julian and someone noticed that the yellow truck from our 1994 footage still parks each day on Main Street! The owner of the truck is the proprietor of Apple Alley Bakery. 

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2. Encinitas teen makes Team Blake on The Voice

What were you doing when you were 18 and had just graduated high school? Participating on a national tv show in front of millions of people? Probably not, but that is exactly what Kat Hammock is doing!

The Encinitas resident had her audition on The Voice where she joined Blake Shelton’s team. Judges were impressed with Hammack’s rendition of “Take Me Home, Country Roads.” Judge John Legend said she has “a weird voice” that helps make her performances “more intriguing.”

Hammock, a graduate of La Costa Canyon High School, has been singing since she was in fourth grade.

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Encinitas teen makes Team Blake on The Voice

3. News 8's old school van finds a new school

Sometimes, instead of saying "goodbye," really what we should say is "see you later." In this Zevely Zone, Jeff went to Imperial Beach to visit an old friend.

It was a surprise he never saw coming. News 8 received an email from an educational organization that gave new life to our old News 8 TV satellite van.

Victor Ciccarelli told Jeff he wanted to buy a school bus for his organization called 4D "Sci." 

"We saw your van and I went 'that is so much cooler than a bus,'" said Victor with a huge smile.

"You all ready?" Victor asked students at the Bayside S.T.E.A.M Academy. 

They shouted out, "Yeah!" 

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Here's where the old News 8 TV van is now

4. Handing out candy for Halloween? Here's what you need to know if you see a blue bucket

You may notice trick-or-treaters this year carrying blue buckets for their candy. Parents with children with autism started this new trend to try and make Halloween friendlier for non-verbal children. 

Amy Munera has 3 children on the autism spectrum and has seen it first hand: neighbors who tell children they have to say “trick or treat” before they can get a piece of candy.

“If my child doesn't say trick or treat  and someone says something to them, I just explain it to them, but we're very open about our diagnosis,” said Munera.

Munera, who is President of Autism Society San Diego,  also understands  that some families don't want to have that conversation  over and over again.That’s why she supports a new trend: nonverbal children carrying around blue candy buckets to let neighbors know that communicating can be challenging.

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Parent of kids with autism starting blue trick-or-treating bucket trend

5. California veterans find jobs in water industry

San Diego leaders gathered Wednesday morning to discuss AB 1588, a new law designed to help military veterans find jobs in the water and wastewater industries.

Assemblymembers Todd Gloria and Tasha Boerner Horvath praised a new law that will ease the pathway for military veterans to work in California’s water and wastewater industries.

"I think we know that far too often, the transition from military service back into civilian life is more difficult than it needs to be. In fact, we as a proud Navy, Marine Core town should do more to make it easier," said Gloria.

The bill (AB 1588) was co-sponsored by the San Diego County Water Authority and the Otay Water District as the water and wastewater industry faces a wave of retirements statewide. 

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New law will help veterans get jobs in the water industry