1. Getting ready to spring forward

It’s that bittersweet time of year again where we lose an hour of sleep, but the sun stays up for longer.

Daylight Saving Time returns early Sunday Morning. The springing forward of the clock leaves many with sleep deprivation that is difficult to overcome. Sleep experts say the impact can last anywhere from one to seven days.  

Experts urge people to start preparing for the change a few days ahead of time by going to sleep earlier and waking up earlier. Taking melatonin around 8 p.m. or so and reducing screen time at night, can help advance your sleep time so you can go to bed earlier and wake up earlier.

Sleep expert, Dr. Gary Levinson joined Morning Extra to give some tips and to quiz you on Daylight Saving Time!

For more information on springing forward, click here.

Don't forget to change your clocks! Daylight Saving Time starts Sunday

2. Honor our veterans at the 10th annual Honor Flight Fundraising Gala

Honor Flight San Diego Fundraiser celebrates its 10 year anniversary honoring veterans.

Honor Flight San Diego Fundraiser
March 07, 2020
5 - 9 p.m.
Hilton Del Mar
15575 Jimmy Durante Blvd, Del Mar, California, USA

For tickets and information, visit

3. Firefighters took over San Diego intersections for the 'Fill the Boot' firefighter drive

San Diego firefighters held their annual “Fill the Boot” drive to raise money to support the Burn Institute. This year, over 30 departments hit the streets with their boots in hand at more than 100 locations around San Diego County.

The “Fill the Boot” event is the largest one-day fundraiser event for San Diego area fire departments. In 2019, over $200,000 was raised for the Burn Institute's programs and services, including Camp Beyond the Scars for burn-injured children and the Firefighters Red Line of Courage Fund. 100 percent of the money raised through the Boot Drive stays right here in San Diego County.

The department that raises the most money on Thursday’s drive will get their names etched on a trophy that will live in that particular department until next year’s drive!

If you were unable to drop a few bucks in the boot, but still want to help out, you can donate online.

4. Live stream: Barn owls in Ramona caring for newly hatched owlets, awaiting 2 more

A pair of barn owls in Ramona welcomed five babies recently and are awaiting a couple more. They laid a total of seven eggs, according to Tiffany Sears with HDOnTap. Five had hatched as of Thursday with the duo awaiting two more.

Barn owls are known for their pale appearance and harsh, eerie screeches, according to The Cornell Lab's All About Birds website. The site reports that barn owls are on the decline due to habitat loss.

HDOnTap has a live camera stream below that will be on around the clock for bird watchers to keep an eye on the pair, their sweet owlets and await the new arrivals. 

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5. Ramona 'Green House' goes viral online

On a quiet street in Ramona, an unassuming condo nestled on a golf course has gotten quite a buzz online. After realtor Nancy Maranan posted pictures of the swanky '70s condo, the pictures were shared on various news websites.

"When I first put it on Facebook, I received many comments," said Maranan. "Some were very mean. They said 'what were they thinking?' It didn't bother me. There were a lot of people who said they would keep it the way it is." 

That was one of the caveats when Maranan was selling the condo: The buyer must keep the lime green aesthetic of the condo. 

So, green it is. 

There is green shag carpet, green wallpaper, green countertops, green furniture, and even green toilet seat covers.  

The aesthetic struck a chord with one buyer, who took it off the market for $375,000.

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