SAN DIEGO COUNTY, Calif. — Coronavirus warnings, recommendations, and cancellations have been ramping up in the past few days as the anxiety factor rises. 

News 8 has received phone calls and e-mails about coronavirus such as: ‘Do I go the store? Do I go to the DMV? Should I visit my elderly mother if I’ve gone to the store and gyms?’

Psychiatrist Dr. Michael T. Lardon said much of it is stress, fear, and on the other hand he’s been hearing from those who are not concerned.

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“I've had everything from, it's made up by the Democrats to folks telling me they are looking at going into an underground bunker,” said Lardon.

Health officials told people not to panic, yet Disneyland has been closed until at least the end of March.

Schools, March Madness and Coachella have been postponed. The NBA suspended games, and now no mass gatherings over 250 people in San Diego County. 

It’s hard not to freak out.

“People panic, and panic begins panic. There is no value in that. No utility in that,” said Lardon.

Dr. Lardon said there are many good practices people can do to control how they react to COVID-19.

“Are we catastrophizing things and the only way to evaluate that is that you have to know the facts,” said Lardon.

He recommends listening to the CDC, track the John Hopkins Coronavirus map, follow state and local health officials and avoid becoming fixated on the virus.

“I would stick to public health announcements and I would be very careful about googling up the opinions of people,” said the psychiatrist.

Lardon recommends that we need to wrap our head around the fact that this is a lifestyle change, avoid unnecessary stops to the store or public outings, it’s more of hermit life but hopefully for a short time.

“We are going to have to work together and unite. This is not a political thing. This is a really medical thing, and it affects all of us,” said Lardon.

He said he has taken 40 patients and doing Skype or phone appointments.

Marriage and Family Therapist,  Amber Trueblood, joined News 8 to talk about managing anxiety, calming children, and how to keep your sanity if you are quarantined.