SAN DIEGO — Now that June gloom seems to have lifted, lots of San Diegans are eagerly soaking up the sun’s rays. Though it may not feel like peak summer heat yet, the UV index has been high and that means you run the risk of serious sunburn if you’re not careful.

So, how much sun is too much sun? It turns out, the time limit is different for everyone.

Dr. Hugh Greenway, a dermatologist at Scripps M.D. Anderson Cancer Center says every sunburn increases your risk of melanoma.

"We have a higher incidence of skin cancer - in fact the whole Southwest does,” said Dr. Greenway.

Our bodies use vitamin D to keep bones and muscles strong and healthy. You can get vitamin D through diet, but the best source is the sun. However, Greenway says you don't need to "lay out" in UV rays for hours to get what you need - especially not during the hours of 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. when the sun is the strongest.

"I can get enough vitamin D through my skin just by walking back and forth to parking lot to car here in San Diego,” said Greenway.

He also adds even with the June gloom. UV rays can still get you. Wide-brimmed hats and reapplying SPF 30 every couple of hours is a good baseline for sun protection.

Thinking about what sunscreen to reapply... powder, spray, lotion. What kind do you use? The UV index in San Diego today is a 10! That's very high! #sunsetseat #torreypines #lajolla #sandiego #uvrays...