Hosts:  Richard Muscio and Joe Vecchio

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Heard on 760KFMB:  Saturday 7pm-8pm

Show Info:  In this award-winning show, CPA Richard and Joe bring on excellent and interesting VIP guests and experts to discuss a wide range of topics ranging from great financial advice for family offices to guests from the worlds of entertainment,  health, law, philanthropy and relevant areas about our lives, leisure, legacy and beyond.  Whether financial expert or notable guest, listeners are treated to great informational and spontaneous, entertaining conversations.   See awards at 
Past notable guests:  Hank Bauer, Malin Burnham, Gov. Mike Dukakis, Joan Embery, Dick Enberg, Byron Georgiou, Ted (The Famous Chicken) Giannoulas, Irwin Jacobs, Billie Jean King, Jeffrey Krinsk, Jim Lampley, Richard Lederer,  Bill Lerach, Bill (son of Harpo) Marx, Ron Mix, Don Rickles, Darlene Marcos Shiley, Dickie Smothers, David Stockman, George Takei, Dick Van Dyke, Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, mayors, Congress members, City Council members and many more. 

Remember: It's YOUR Money and your life!