TIJUANA, Baja California — An American man was arrested near the U.S.-Mexico border on Monday after a police pursuit in which the suspect allegedly hit multiple people, cars and mobile vending stalls in Tijuana, according to a Facebook post by the Secretary of Public Security Tijuana.  

Police said they tried to intervene when the man was seen threatening a citizen with a knife on Manuel Márquez de León Avenue in Zona Río but the man took off in a Chevy Silverado and headed towards the border crossing at San Ysidro. Police say during the chase the suspect hit 17 vehicles, 14 “moving mobile stalls” and ran over five people. There was no word on the victims’ conditions as of Monday night. 

The suspect was arrested but no further details were given.  

Tijuana Police arrest American after chase to San Ysidro POE lanes. He's accused of running over 5 people and hitting 17 cars and 14 vendor stalls. Police say he threatened someone with a knife in...