SAN DIEGO — Wildlife experts estimate as many as one billion animals have died in the Australian bushfires. What's included in that count from the University of Sydney is mammals, birds, and reptiles. What's not included are frogs, insects, and invertebrates. 

Many people worldwide, including in San Diego, are reaching out to help, but with so many charities out there, which are the best and most transparent? 

To know if your donations are going to the right place, the website Charity Navigator breaks down where donated money goes. It rates organizations with an overall score and breaks down where the financials are spent. It also looks at the accountability and transparency of the charities.  

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The format of Charity Navigator is easy to understand so you don’t have to be an accountant to sort out where your donated dollars are going.  

When it comes to Australian bushfire relief efforts, here are some that rank well with Charity Navigator:  

Direct Relief: They have a four-star rating and their website shares stories from Australia highlighting how the tragedy is impacting people and wildlife in Australia.  

Global Giving: They have a four-star rating and their website gives a summary of the conditions in Australia and the challenges the country is facing.  

Click here to research other organizations on Charity Navigator.