SAN DIEGO — Navigating work and your kids’ schedules can be a rough road. Sometimes spouses end up not seeing one another often or families are late to various events.  

Monique Garcia is a teacher and also has two children under the age of 4.  

"I work full time so how would I get my son from preschool to a daycare?” Monique said. 

So, News 8 told her that a ride-share service just for kids has arrived in San Diego and she was immediately on board.    

"I think it's a really smart idea,” she said. “I kinda wish I thought of it." 

The service is called Kango and the busy mom who did think of it is CEO Sara Schaer.  

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"I tried and failed to solve the problem myself, so I wanted to find a solution to help other families, as well as my own family,” she said.  

Like similar services, Kango is an app designed to arrange pick-ups and drop-offs. What sets it apart is it's also a baby-sitting service and the only one licensed to drive children under the age of 5. 

"Kango is essentially childcare on wheels,” said Schaer.   

Kango is already up and running in several Northern California cities and gaining rave reviews. But some parents have also voiced real concerns over safety. 

Schaer assures each driver goes through a rigorous vetting process including two background checks, a DMV check, finger-printing, two in-person interviews and they must have previous experience in childcare to even apply. 

The parents are also invited to sit-in on the first ride-along 

"If you want to meet the driver with your child, that trial is on us,” Schaer said. 

So far, the idea of having one-less thing to worry about is already driving the interest of parents in America's Finest City. 

"Something as simple as taking someone somewhere, I think would alleviate a lot of stress,” said Monique. “I will probably use it." 

‪Hey busy parents! Could you use a driver to pick up and drop off the kids? A new ride-sharing app and sitter service called Kango is now in San Diego. @News8 @CBS8 ‬