SAN DIEGO — Students at Discovery Elementary School in San Marcos on Thursday wrote thank you letters to San Diego military service members as part of a program that teamed up with California State University San Marcos students to make sure every service member receives a card for their service.

“Just by writing this – it makes me feel happy. I think it would make them feel happy,” said Haley Van Evera, a third-grade student.

The letters are part of Mr. Scott Landow’s Operation Random Act – an unconventional new venture finance class at CSUSM. Landow is known to inspire students outside of the business model.

“It is rising to a level they [students] normally would not hit,” he said.

As part of National Military Appreciation Month, the class designed a card for elementary students from across the nation to sign and decorate to send to each deployed service member.

“Thank you for serving our country and fighting for our rights. I hope this makes you smile,” wrote Jennifer Feig, a third grader.

Chris Brown, who is also in the third grade, wrote: “Thank you for being brave and selfless and leaving your home and family to protect others.”

Nearly 165,000 cards will be sent to a fulfillment group which will then send the letters to service members.

“It is humbling to see how involved the community is willing to get,” said CSUSM student, Domenic Antonacci.

There is a Letters to the Soldiers Facebook page and GoFundMe page for more information.

Check out how to make your own card and where to send it below: