SAN DIEGO — For the first time, the Democrats’ case for President Donald Trump’s impeachment streamed from Americans’ TVs Wednesday, including a new contention that he was overheard asking about political “investigations” that he demanded from Ukraine in trade for military aid.

Political analyst Joy Villa has been following the case closely. She said, “there is a lot of smoke and mirrors. A lot of political grandstanding.”

“At the end of the day, this is a PR battle. Whoever has the most passion is going to win. There is no surefire proof. Testimony so far are lackluster,” said Villa.

Chuck la Bella is a former federal prosecutor who has also been watching the impeachment hearings.

“This is not a whodunit. Everybody knows what happened and who did it. It is just a matter of, are people upset about it?” said la Bella.

La Bella said for the most part, the nearly six hour testimony before the House Intelligence Committee went as expected with Democrats pushing the narrative that the president of the United States used his office to pressure Ukraine officials for personal political gain.

La Bella said the importance of the military aid was highlighted on Wednesday.

“The fact the aid was held up even for a nanosecond and it was held up for a substantial period of time, that fact alone was watched closely by Russia because Russia said ‘OK, the U.S. is not aggressively supporting them [Ukraine] and we can take advantage,'” said la Bella.

While no doubt millions of Americans likely saw the House’s first day of open impeachment hearings on President Donald Trump on Wednesday. The question is: how many actually heard it? 

“I think at this point we are under impeachment fatigue,” said Villa.

“The attention span with the American public is only going to be a couple of weeks,” said la Bella.

President Trump is the fourth U.S. president to face an impeachment inquiry.

“This is historic. People who are turning it off because my side is losing, or wining are making a mistake. Americans need to pay attention,” said Villa.

“I think people have made up their minds, so they are either not concerned about it or concerned about. I don’t know this testimony is going to move the needle anywhere,” said la Bella.

One public hearing is scheduled for this Friday, and three more public hearings are scheduled for next week.