SAN DIEGO — A group San Diegans held a rally Wednesday to show their support for a homelessness and affordable housing bond they say should be put on the 2020 ballot.  

Supporters gathered around 11 a.m. before marching to Civic Center for a rally that kicked off with a performance by Voices of Our City Choir. 

They say homelessness continues to impact San Diego neighborhoods citing the Hepatitis A crisis and a lack of access to affordable housing. 

“We know that the only solution for homelessness is a home. It is time for something to be done,” read a statement from rally organizers. 

Supporters of the bond say it will provide funding for homeless people living on the streets and create a “safety net of housing” for seniors, veterans, youth leaving foster care and those with disabilities. 

The item was slated to be heard by the rules committee of the San Diego City Council at a meeting Wednesday afternoon.