SAN DIEGO — You're never too young to thank a military veteran for their service.  

In Thursday's Zevely Zone, Jeff visited the Saint Francis Of Assisi Catholic School in Vista.  

"Okay, third grade let's quickly line up," said teacher Sherri Winterble.  

Her eight- and nine-year-old students are marching into class and into duty on a special assignment.

"Every year the school does service projects," explained Winterble. "We came up with the idea, we have so many military being this close to Camp Pendleton. Let's do something for them."  

Sherri's husband, Brett Winterble, is a radio show host for AM 760 who works closely with the Warrior Foundation Freedom Station. So when an anonymous donor gave the class 30 empty ammunition boxes, the students decided to fill them up with whatever they thought would make a wounded warrior happy.  

"I put shampoo," said one student.  

"I put a toothbrush, rice crispy treat, toys and cards," said another student.

The class is filled with good will and wisdom. 

"They are struggling with brain issues and lost limbs and stuff," said Sebastian.  

From toiletries to toys, the same boxes once filled with military might are now stuffed with support. 

"Look some of these are so full they are not going to shut," warned Winterble.

The metal cans are painted red, white and blue and filled with cards that will bring a tear to your eye. One reads, "God Bless".  Another one reads, "Get Well Soon". All 30 of the ammo boxes will be delivered on July Fourth to Marines. 

"30 Marines will get a box each. In talking to children they said, 'let's make them smile, let's give them some cheer.' So I said 'great,'" said Winterble.   

An Independence Day drop off was important to the children. 

"Because they risked their lives to protect us for our freedom," said a student named Reagan.  

"They fought for us and for our freedom," said another student named James.

Not sure the last time you handled an ammo box, but you could pinch a finger closing the lid. But the students say it was a risk worth taking for the vets.

"They fought for our freedom, and protected it," said a student named Mia. 

"It means that we should respect them."  

After all re-purposing with a purpose, means mission complete.  

"I think so, they are overflowing," Winterble said with pride. 

The ammunition boxes will be delivered to Marines at the Balboa Naval Hospital on July Fourth.  

For more information on the Warrior Foundation Freedom Station go to