SAN DIEGO — California’s primary is just one week away. This means today, February 25, is the last day to register for a mail-in ballot.

The Registrar says it is not too late to get a mail-in ballot, but if you do, they urge you to turn it in at the Registrar of Voters or at 61 other locations across the county. They are not considered early voting locations, but instead, they are libraries that will take the ballots and deliver them to the Registrar.

Registrar, Michael Vu, said “The early drop-off sites provide a great service for voters. They help with the timely return of mail ballots and decrease the high volume of voters dropping off mail ballots at polling places on Election Day.” 

The easiest way to register for a mail-in ballot is to visit where you can email your request in.

Later Tuesday, the Democrats will once again take the stage, this time to debate ahead of the South Carolina primary. Joe Biden, Amy Klobuchar, Pete Buttigieg, Elizabeth Warren, Michael Bloomberg, Tom Steyer, and Bernie Sanders are all participating.

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Recent polls show Bernie Sanders surging, but Biden is still thought to be the leader in South Carolina. However, South Carolina voters say they are focusing on the issues and not the polls. Voter, Kenashia Thompson said, “I know the time is coming when I'm going to pick a candidate and at this time, I'm not quite sure yet."

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