SAN DIEGO — San Diego County Supervisors are calling on San Diegans to voice their opposition against any modification to SANDAG’s new transportation plan.

Supervisors Kristin Gaspar and Jim Desmond gathered Monday in Solana Beach and spoke in opposition to any modification to the 2004 TransNet Ordinance that would take money from unfunded highway projects to develop SANDAG staff’s new vision for a regional transportation plan. 

County supervisors say the new vision as proposed abandons critical improvements promised to North and East County residents for the 78, 52 and 67, in favor of public transit for San Diego. They say East County residents fear not being able to safely evacuate on SR-67 during fast-moving wildfires and first responders worry they won’t be able to get in.

"They were willing to give up their precious tax dollars for the next 40 years in exchange for these projects - to date, 14 of them haven't been delivered upon," Gaspar said.

In 2004 San Diegans voted to approve a half-cent sales tax for critical roads and highways and county supervisors say SANDAG now wants to divert those funds, which they are calling a bait and switch to the voters.