SAN DIEGO — South Bay community leaders call for assistance from President Trump during his upcoming visit to San Diego to address the 160 million gallons of sewage flowing into the Tijuana River Valley impacting the quality of life for South Bay residents.

President Trump will be visiting San Diego Wednesday, so ahead of the president’s visit, Imperial Beach leaders are trying to get his attention to get federal help with the sewage problems in the South Bay. 

Imperial Beach Mayor Serge Dedina and city councilmembers held a news conference Tuesday morning. They say numerous spills have led to 160 million gallons of sewage to flow into the Tijuana River Valley.

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One mom, Lacey Kennedy Cornejo says her 14-year-old son developed a critical auto immune disease from the polluted water.

“It’s exhausting to hear the financial portion the statistics portion and nothing ever changes,” she said.

She says her son got sick surfing in Imperial Beach because of sewage spills, she's gone to countless meetings on the border pollution crisis. According to reports, Navy SEALs and Border Patrol agents have also developed illnesses because of polluted waters from Mexico.