POWAY, Calif. — During a City of Poway Council meeting Tuesday night, residents were told what prompted the boil water advisory issued over the weekend. 

Poway Mayor Steve Vaus told residents a storm drain backed up into the water treatment facility's clear well reservoir. 

City officials said two inches of rainwater got into the city's water system which caused a surge through the people that spilled into the clear well. 

"There was a faulty flap gate on the box for the weir, which we have corrected and repaired and installed a smart meter," said Eric Heidemann, said Poway Director of Public Works.

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Since the boil water advisory was issued, hundreds of Poway restaurants were forced to shutdown. Restaurant owners have lost thousands of dollars due to spoiled inventory and being forced to shutdown their businesses.

During Tuesday's City Council meeting, Poway residents expressed their concerns about the cause of water contamination. 

"Our animals all need water," said Chris Opls. 

There were compliments for the city too. The city has been busy handing out bottled water. 

"I think it is important to note the overwhelming positive manner in which the city has come together to help each other out," said one resident. 

Mayor Vaus said the city tested the water and it's safe to drink. In fact, Vaus and his pets have been drinking the water despite the precautionary advisory. 

The water has passed city tests and is still waiting on the state to give the clear, and even then they have to sanitize everything with clean water.

The director of Public Works said more testing will be done Wednesday and Thursday. The City of Poway indicated that it could be the end of the week before the boil water advisory is lifted.