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Host: Thomas D. Gier, CFEd.®

Co-Host: Tony Shore

Address: 2401 N. Summit Circle Glen, Escondido, CA 92026

Phone: 858-999-5930

Email: Thomas@retireforward.com

Website: https://retireforwardradio.com

Show Info: As founder of Straightforward Wealth Management and Host of “Retire Forward Radio”, Thomas Gier CFEd.® has helped families make better decisions about their investments and insurance for twenty five years, serving clients in San Diego County, California. Thomas Gier's clients represent a diverse group of successful families, individuals and businesses.  "I believe most people want to protect and insure their life savings and avoid unnecessary expenses," says Thomas. "Most people have no idea what the lifelong consequences are of even a couple of down years on their investments.  Listen in each week to Retire Forward Radio with Thomas Gier to learn more about creating a RELIABLE retirement income that will last as long as you do!

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