SAN DIEGO — Peak temps were back to the seasonal range for most of the county today, except for at the coast. Cool marine air kept highs below the 75° average.

We are already starting to see low clouds roll in, along the coast, this afternoon and evening. 

Marine clouds will hang around tonight through Thursday morning with the potential for patchy fog, west of the mountains.

The weak trough of low pressure bringing the cooler air and low clouds will continue to dominate our forecast through Friday. Highs tomorrow will be below seasonal, west of the mountains, with typical summer heat for the mountains and desert.


  • Coastal highs around 71°, normal around 75°.
  • Inland highs around 84°, normal around 88°.
  • Mountain highs around 84°, normal around 85°.
  • Desert highs around 107°, normal around 107°.


The UV index will peak at 11 Thursday, which is considered extreme. Extra sun protection is needed, UV radiation from the sun will cause skin damage. The time between 10 AM and 4 PM is when UV radiation from the sun is at its maximum.

Temperatures will shift gears into an upward trend by Sunday as high pressure strengthens again over the Southwest. Marine layer clouds will once again thin out and lead to an early clearing each day.

Models are also hinting monsoonal moisture will seep into the mountains and desert. With the heating of the day, this could lead to afternoon/early evening showers and isolated thunderstorms. Potential storm hazards include isolated flash flooding and strong winds. Stay tuned!