Thursday afternoon high temperatures will be below seasonal average.

  • Coastal highs 60°-65°, normal around 68°.
  • Inland highs 54°-63°, normal around 73°.
  • Mountain highs 46°-53°, normal around 58°.
  • Desert highs 62°-67°, normal around 74°.

At the beaches, water temperature is 60°-63° with a high rip current risk. Waves are 3'-6' with sets to 7' in the morning. Mostly a west-northwest swell in the water, with a minor south-southwest swell lingering. The UV index will peak at 3 (moderate).

Showers will be scattered in nature throughout the County Thursday. Mostly light with periods of heavier rain, decreasing in intensity throughout the day. Patches of sunshine will peak through between the clouds, temperatures will be a little warmer Thursday through the weekend.


Temperatures will increase slowly through Sunday as low pressure exits the region. Another low, which will stay off the coast in the Pacific Ocean, will prevent any significant warming. Winds will be mostly from the north over the weekend.

Another cool down is on the way, starting Monday through the latter half of the coming week. A deep, cold trough will strengthen over the Western U.S. Tuesday, dropping temperatures well below average for midweek.

In addition to the cooler temperatures, a chance of rain is in the forecast as early as late Tuesday and is currently expected to continue through Friday morning.

Microclimate Forecast - Coast & Inland
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Microclimate Forecast - Mountain & Desert
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